The S in *KISS stands for SMS

You are a developer and you want to help your client who is a dentist.
The dentist is motivated to create a better user experience for the customer.
How can you help?

Well it is always a good idea to keep it simple stupid = *KISS :)

The thing that could really help the dentist be more efficient and increase customer satisfaction is some sort of a way to let customers know when a time slot has opened up. For example if someone has canceled and to remind people when their appointment is up.

Let’s imagine two scenarios:

Scenario #1

Let’s assume that you use an SMS system where you simply notify customers with something like this:


Scenario #2

One where you build an app Local Dentist with the same motivation to communicate better with your client's patients. You have him put up posters in his dentist office with QR code of the download link, and he mentions it a lot to your patients.

Dentist’s ROI on the App isn’t promising. He has to pay for updates of the app that nobody is using.

You have an unhappy client on your hands.

What could have been done differently?

If given a choice, should we impose a more complicated solution to our clients or give them a cost-effective solution and then build from that?

A system that uses existing resources to trigger a simple text message to patients/clients and maybe offer your APP to them within the message itself?


Building an APP that is costly and isn’t going to be used by every single patient or using something that everyone will use and most definitely see — a text message and build from that to a APP?

We developers are in the business of solving problems and when given a chance we should always use the KISS principle to produce fast results.
Later on, we can introduce even more sophisticated solutions…

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